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MAMIE GILROY (heathered purple creme)
MAN OF THE MOMENT (vintage denim creme)
AMBER'S REVENGE (muted mustard creme)
BANNOCKBURN (muted moss creme)
HOT TODDY (dark greige creme)
CEASEFIRE (khaki/dark olive creme)
SEABOARD (deep-sea blue creme)
SEETHING JEALOUSY (passionate teal green creme)
NEAT (pale neutral pink creme)
SOUTHERN CHARMER (pearlescent neutral pink)
WHISPER (shimmering pale pink)
ROASTED MELLOW (lambs wool creme)
ATHOLL BROSE (shimmering linen)
CHARMER (Shimmering Platinum)
KLONDIKE COOLER (shimmering champagne)
WIDOW WOODS NIGHTCAP (extreme shimmering aubergine)
VELVET KILT (deep mysterious purple creme)
FLYING SCOTSMAN (cobalt blue creme)
BLACK TARTAN (gunmetal black with subtle shimmer)
MACBETHS DREAM (dark mulberry creme)
KILTLIFTER (classic red creme)
BLOOD AND SAND (intense sparkling burgundy)
BALMORAL PUNCH (royal raspberry creme)
CANAL STREET DAISY (geranium pink creme)
TROYA (fiery tomato red creme)
HIGHLAND FLING (vibrant coral creme)
BITTER N TWISTED (brooding black cherry creme)
STILETTO (vibrant pink-red creme)
CELTIC MIX (subtle sage green creme)
CALEIGH (smoky blue creme)
TARTAN SWIZZLE (vibrant magenta creme)
LEMON HIGHLANDER (shimmering sunny yellow)
HIGHLAND MIST (stark white creme)
SMOKEY MARTINI (steele grey creme)
LOCH LOMOND (shimmering robin's egg blue)
MORNING GLORY FIZZ (heathered lavender creme)
STONE FENCE (gravelly grey creme)
Price: $60.00 $48.00 (price with 20% savings)
  • Whisper (shimmering pale pink)
  • Tartan Swizzle (vibrant magenta crème)
  • Stiletto (vibrant pink-red crème)
  • Deluxe Top Coat
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